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In today’s world, everything is changing rapidly and progressing, so you have to think of a big change for your business style and overtake competitors.

ivahid has formed a young and creative team to launch Internet businesses and has been very successful in this path with international work experience.
With 9 years of experience in designing a site for various businesses, from zero to one hundred projects, ivahid will be with you.

ivahid Site design services

website design

Compliance with international standards

Our programmers will start implementing your site’s code, considering all the world-class standards and optimal coding of the base.

website design

Training and Support

We fully teach you website management and answer all your questions.

website design

Principle Design and eye-catching

The website custom Graphic Design will be done uniquely and user-friendly for you.

website design

Full website management

You will have all the facilities needed to manage and develop your website.

Best Responsive

We will implement your website in a way that matches any size of the page. This means making your site look simple and user-friendly with any device and with any screen size.

SEO website and optimized

We comply with all SEO and optimization standards on your website.


We will design a flexible and scalable website for your business.

High security

Your website will be implemented by taking into account all the security tips.

High speed

Your website will be loaded for users in the shortest possible time.

Admin Panel

We will provide you with all the tools needed to manage your website.

Exclusive graphic design

Using specialized graphics on your corporate website increases your excellence over your competitors. With the right graphics for your website, you can attract more customers. So, designing your website on ivahid done in a custom format.

website design
website design

Custom content management system

A Custom content management system is like software in which, programmers programming exclusively to managing different parts of your website.

This system can be designed in different languages such as PHP, React, and node js and so on and based on different frameworks using languages like laravel, symphony, and next js and so on.


WordPress is a popular content management system worldwide that many large businesses use it. Our programmers with complete dominance over of this content management system and writing Plugins can handle all your site management needs.

website design
website design


Coding principally and following international laws and standards will make on-page SEO and Page Speed to rank high in Google Page Speed and GTMetrix. This is one of the features of ivahid that makes us different from other web design companies. Our programmers also implement code so that your website is loaded in the shortest possible time.

This system can be designed in different languages such as PHP, React, and node js and so on and based on different frameworks using languages like laravel, symphony, and next js and so on.

Ordering steps

Needs analysis and assessment and agreement of the parties

At this stage, all your needs and considerations will be reviewed and our designers will then design your site pages. It is also adjusted and delivered according to general pre-invoice requirements, cost and time which, once agreed and ideal for you, the contract is set

Pay 40% of project cost

after the contract between the parties, 40% of the project cost will be received. Of course, this amount is consensual and how to deposit it is based on customer requirements.

Custom Graphic Design of the Website first page

At this point, designing the first page of the site that is the most important part of the site, will be tailored to your needs and our designers’ ideas and will be sent to you

We get feedback from you and fix problems

At this point, you will be checking out the first-page design and sending us the necessary edits if needed. The original design will be edited until your approval to meet your original requirements. Our work experience has shown that businesses that are similar in scope will never be similar in design to theirs

Design the next pages and get the final approval of all pages

After the first page is approved, our designers will start designing the rest of your web pages. At this point as before, the submitted plan will be edited until your approval to meet your original request

Pay a percentage of the project cost by agreement

When the original design was fully delivered to the client and we received final approval to begin coding from the client, the project will receive a fee to get the programmer started. This amount is usually 20% of the total project cost

Custom Website Coding

Now is the time for programmers to get in on the action and they should best implement code and create beautiful effects on-site elements

View website and receive the final amount of the project

Here the project will end, your site is loaded onto the ivahid Web Host and you can manage the user department and whatever it needs, such as SEO, speed, type of coding and so on, and send us if there is a problem to fix it quickly. After final approval, the remaining cost of the project will be received from the employer

Run and launch a website

After viewing the site by the employer and final approval, the site will be installed on the main host

start Supporting

Finishing the project does not mean leaving the customer and we will always be available for free in support. Our thinking is to unveil a high quality site and excellent project support.

In our opinion, a good and always updated portfolio, for ivahid, is also of great value, and support is just the start of a business, and not supporting the site will kill that business. To this end, the Customer Portal and Ticketing Section have been launched for dear ivahid customers that every expert and developer will be connected and responsive to the site’s tickets

How much will your website design cost

the announcement of cost is one of the most important issues in contract contract with the employer. At the same time, we will look at your needs at the same time and provide you a checklist of affordable needs and services.

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